Thanksgiving Solar Cooker


The fact that there are fewer posts lately isn’t because there is nothing going on – it is actually because every day has been so incredibly action packed that it is sometimes hard to even know where to begin.  But if we start anywhere, it should be with trying to get these pics from Thanksgiving posted before Christmas.


Thanksgiving this year was actually pretty awsome.  A bunch of favorite friends came to visit from all over, and helped put together a day-long, every evolving feast.  Michael and Alyse brought two solar ovens that they had been prototyping and filled it with black jars full of thanksgiving stuffing.


The stuffing turned out super….  and was only a day late.  Because it wasn’t in the sun and cooking by 11:00 AM it didn’t finish completely by the time that the house went into the shade.  (we are on the north side of the mountain, so by 4:00 PM the sun starts to set and the temps really drop).  So we had to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for their grand finale.


As the photos attest, it the stuffing was a success – perhaps even better with the buildup of the wait.  Michael and Alyse are going to be teaching a workshop on solar cooking in LA tomorrow.  And in the spring they will be part of a series of “New Everyday Life” workshops teaching all sorts of handy survival skills.


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