Saturday at the HQ

IMG_1720_BlogcropAlex and Kimberlee were the sitters at the HDTS HQ this weekend – Saturdays at the HQ always go by really quickly!  Brian Boswoth came in with some porcelain succulent planters that were cast in in the shape of rocks for us to sell (Alex and Kimberlee both immediately each bought one) and we did a “product shoot” of some of our new goods that I had gotten from Chuck Moffit – I’m going to send this out as an email announcement so I hope he doesn’t panic when he sees our unorthodox treatment of his artworks (no white glove handling in this place).

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  1. gary pearson

    Dear Andrea, The HDTS philosophy is very interesting and I’d love to have a go at doing a piece on location; to script a short video-performance for Scenes for a ‘Smoker’s Theatre’…How are the artists selected? Thanks, Gary

    • Hi Gary, I’m assuming that you have already checked out the website When you are ready, you can send us a proposal for either a long term site-based project that will go on our driving map, or for the curated HDTS event that happens roughly every 18 months.
      There are no deadlines for proposals, and we will keep them on record so that if they are not chosen by a curator of one year’s event they are still eligible to be chosen for something else later on. Also everything should be sent as PDFs (that will print at 8.5 x 11″) to We will print them out and add them to our proposal archive at the HQ. Thanks! Andrea

      • gary pearson

        hi Andrea, Thanks. I’ll put a proposal together. Best wishes. Gary


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