How to Survive


Last weekend  at A-Z West Michael Parker and Alyse Emdur led their fantastic  “How to Survive”  workshop – part of High Desert Test Sites “The New Everyday Life” series.  For two days 12 participants constructed their own solar ovens in the brand new studio at A-Z West,  practiced survival choreography in the western wash with Flora Wiegmann,   were initiated into the nuances of liquor distillation by Aaron Freeman and Tyler Nathan, ate a delicious solar cooked dinner up at the cabin, and finally partook in a sunday afternoon exploration of  Aaron and Ronda Mueller’s completely off-the-grid lifestyle up in one of the most remote areas behind Pioneertown.


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  1. patrick doyle

    It looks like a productive and delicious weekend. I’m curious about survival choreography. The desert khaki yurts with matching FJ cruiser is an especially nice touch, very raugh and inspiring all around.


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