Fixing the Pits


Here are some pics of my pit seating area that I’ve been meaning to post for the last three or four weeks!  Concurrent with about a whole slew of overlapping project deadlines have been a series of upgrades throughout the house and grounds of AZ West.  Part of the impetus to finally get moving on these projects has been a new book that is being published for an upcoming show at Magasin 3 in Stockholm this fall – We just did a bunch of new photography of the works and living environments for the book – which literally shamed me into taking care of things that should have been fixed up years ago.  Among those projects was a total overhaul of these sunken seating areas and the deck overlooking the Regenerating Field – which had previously become tortured and dry in the hot summer sun.  Skylar and Aubrey sanded the heck out of the crunchy old wood, and then recoated everything with a fresh coat of preservative.  Nice!